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The Peak Show – It's Rain lyrics

Get Me Out
you know, this isn't how I usually am
I'll make it up to you
in some not-so-desperate time

It's ridiculous, though possibly
I am scared of my own jealousy
which is sure to place a hurdle on my track

Everything is right as rain, but it's rain....

If I tone my legs in waterfalls,
& I bathe my skin in the royal salts,
maybe then I'll have the strength to make the jump

If I tie my Nikes really tight
and I teach my goldfish to help me fight,
maybe then I won't feel so alone

Everything is right as rain, but it's rain....
Everything is clear as day, but it's rain...

I gotta cough up my pride until the morning comes,
only then I'll realise I'm the runner up...
baby, you know that the trick is just to breathe....

Everything is right as rain, but it's still rain....

It keeps me up at night, and if you really want to know everything ....?

Everything is right as rain, but it's rain....

She got a suntan, she got cancer
She told me lies, she was a dancer
He ate the MSG, He got cancer
Too much driving, we got CANCER

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