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The Peak Show – It Ain't Funny (Feat Nuclear Anonymous) lyrics

Ain't it a gas?
That boy in your math class
The one that everybody teases & calls punk ass
You know the one in P. E. He's always picked last
The one who's fun to bully
Oh it's such a blast
That one - that you punked & overpowered
And the teacher don't say shit 'cuz he's a coward

(yeah I know that nerd - geek)

Well today he wasn't in the classroom
He was hanging from a jump rope in the gym bathroom

I'm here to tell ya -
It ain't funny!

We're not laughing with you - we're laughing at you

Oh it's a riot
And even though she'll deny it
She lost 20 pounds a week on the bullemia diet
You know the one - the girl you tease in the halls
Short & kinda chubby so you call her Biggie Smalls
That one who you tease & you taunt
Now she's skeleton skinny with her face all gaunt

(yeah, she's kinda lookin like a model)

Well today she wasn't in the classroom
She was throwin up her lunch in the gym bathroom

It ain't funny!

We're not laughing with you - we're laughing at you

Here's the clincher the real punchline
The joke's on us & we're running out of time
So save your giggles & take a breath
'cuz that shit ain't funny & we're laughing ourselves to death.

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