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The Metros – Education Pt. 2 lyrics

Education's overrated, and I'm the monster that it created.
And doing homework's anti-social, but I'm an a-star pupil
Gcse in music, I don't know how the fuck I'm gonna use it,
The time is of the essence, but the pills are a depressant
And I think I've learnt my lesson but I'm only adolescent

(Woah) x2
Do it again.
(Woah) x2

And all the wasted time I've spent, the grass is greener on the other side of the fence!
And to me, it makes no sense.
You get the grades, and then you pay the rent! x2

(Woah) x2
Do it again.
(Woah) x2

I had a mate called paul, he was never too cool.
Got himself chucked out of too, too many schools.
Didn't know what to do to, so he went and robbed a bank,
With a sawn-off shotgun and his two-bint mate called frank.


Got on a plane, down in heathrow,
Got nicked in the waiting room and got ten years,
And a fucking asbo!

(Woah) x2
Do it again.
(Woah) x2

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