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The Flaming Tsunamis – Fear Everything lyrics

Harvest the petroleum harvest the petroleum
Refine refine refine, kill everything
Refine refine refine, kill everything

Our system, our civilization,
Supreme system, man's best creation,
No society is as right as ours,
Level it all, level it all
Level it all, level it all
Their corpses, line the street,
We made their cities fall.
Level it all, level it all
Level it all as cities fall.

Then we bring in our bulldozer,
Push the bones and charred flesh into land fill.
We can start a new civilization,
Our own people our own culture

Homogenize the earth
So no matter where you go
You're in america!

That is only step one, fuck diversity.
Think of all the money that can be made for the children.
Store all the freedom for the future generations.
Fuck the earth, fuck nature fuck everyone who's not American.

Join us freedom is calling.
Pray for our blessed president.
We don't need any evidence.
Join us Gods on our side.

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