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The Devil Wears Prada – Texas Is South lyrics

Good evening, good evening, good evening miss. (4x)

[Chorus - Screamer]
All I ever do is wish things were different.
This envy is destroying me,
And it is obvious
It's obvious (8x)

[Chorus - Singer]
I'm looking to put a bullet into the tile floor. It's do or die.
I'm looking to put a bullet into the tile floor. It's obvious.

Mark this (3x)

I want to say something:
We were blessed, but now I
Wet my lips and wait for them to dry.
Wait, wait for them to dry.

The lust of the dress.
The thought of her lips.
Reverent smile.
These letters I've wrote are shackled to my chest, to my chest.
Shackled to my, shackled to my, shackled to my chest, shackled to my chest.
Shackled to my chest, to my chest, shackled to my chest.

Her tantalization.
She is misconception.

Good evening, good evening, good evening, miss (4x)

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    The meaning is whatever this song means to you. There's no correct or in correct meaning because it's your opinion. As long as you can pull quotes from the song that support your interpretation. For example you wouldn't be able to prove this song is about dog crap haha. I agree with spellingfaith. But it's not just jealousy. It's also the pain of not having her which is what the shackled to my chest part is about. Cuz that would be pretty painful haha.
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    I think and plzz correct me if I'm wrong but the miss they refer to is a sin that one of them have done and I think the sin is misconception which means he misconceived the meaning of the bible and always fell back to sin (which all of us do) and he wants to go back to god and try to shoot this sin down which basically is anything that doesn't involve god.
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