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The Attack – Strange House lyrics

I was riding in the sky
And I saw a strange looking land
I swaggered over there
To a house and a funny looking man
He invited me inside
Saw such things I'd never seen before

It was strange
(In his house)

There was a table upside down
With no legs and a funny coloured pink
There wasn't any chairs
So I sat on the edge of a sink
I had tea in a clock
And I ate a piece of green rock

It was strange
(In his house)

Was I just imagining
Or was this really happening to me?
Perhaps it's just a funny dream
But to me it seems so real
Open feeling in my mind
I'm in a trance or I must be

I went up the stairs
To the cellar which was on the top floor
I went down the stairs
To the attic which was on the floor before
I landed in the garden how I did was a mystery to me

It was strange
(In his house)

I walked down the garden path
Found myself sitting on a bed
It was suspended in mid air
With no springs not even any legs
So I laid my head down
Went to sleep hoping I would disappear

It was strange
(In his house)

I'm back riding in the sky
Near my home I hope that I
Become awake when I arrive
Hoping that this dream has died
If it don't I know that I
Will have no peace until I die

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