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The Amenta – Sekem lyrics

Burnt out necropolis
Sinking fire sear dead
Second traitor soul powerless
Resist those who would silence
Remove the wrappings
Which fetter my mouth
In empty aching vessel
Stop time decay
Feel like fire dying
A voice but no words
An eternity but no soul
Give me voice withered lips
Shattered teeth forced with bitter iron
Hiss of escaping last gasp
Cut like mortician knife
All that remains is remains
Void turns in wheel
Turning slowly in the starless dust never

Like western lights
Sinking and stuttering
I am now fading
Body rot in the now
Caught in pull of time
Suffering second final death alone
I am alone
And empty like a tomb of archaic years

Where is the beast who shut out the light?
Left in the dark of incomplete empty
The powerless flesh atrophy in stone casket
I am alone, abandoned
I am become death

Take leering golden jackal
Take from tortured vision
Saliva drip from jaws
Breath from middens
Footprints of slime on pathway to Duat

Where is the power
Cut string marionette
Turn back those who would restrain me
Bound hands reach for neck of Jackal
Merge of past and future
Spirit machine fail
Remove the wrappings
Which fetter my mouth

In empty aching vessel
Stop time decay

I am alone
I am abandoned
I am powerless
I am become death

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