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Tha Gataz – Family Ties lyrics

Yeah, Tha Gataz, uh

My family, just me and my family
It's my family, family ties

I use to be the little nigga with the funny stare
You wouldn't catch me at the spot if wasn't no money there
Terror recliner with my niggas hitting honies bare
On baby sporty we with the shorty, bitches everywhere
You couldn't tell me nothing thought I had the game sewed
Fresh pair of Nikes with my t-shirt and chain on
It's like we underground that's why we bang the same song
That's why I spend the whole week just getting my slang on
I'm hollin' at my nigga Chew hey yo what's up with you
We bout to roll a couple blunts then we bout to cruise
To the hornet's nest, the rest of these niggas and choose
Some hoes so we can go and smoke and drink us up some brew
You ain't got to stress my nigga cause it's up to you
We bobbing off the lovely again this afternoon
These cats better not test so we gone have to do em
It's all bad, I left the straps back up at the room, uh

Let's go out, have a good time
You and me, together we are family
Yeah, yeah

[Lil Lee]
I use to be the little cat with the braided hair
Fresh t's, creased jeans, weed in the air
I tip the stunt with the homies cause I didn't care
Incarcing got a name now I'm everywhere
Growing up, escalating cause our breed is rare
After school with the crew playing truth or dare
Now I'm stepping in the club letting loose my hair
Attractive chicks that flock in they packs just to stare
A young nigga getting more attention than the mayor
This little bad chick whispered something in my ear
It's on now, cause I can see the way that she stared
She wanna get close to me, that's how it's suppose to be
Ain't nobody coming close to these
A. G's gone leave em off your history
Lil Lee, the name gone remain to be
In the draft first round and keep on picking me, c'mon

Let's get on down, let's get on down
Yeah, yeah, I want you, to come over here
Let me show you, what I can do

Hoe go crazy with the babyface, blue prince
Hold paper plates to take your place
Slow down 30 miles, I'ma take the race
I got a plan, to take em all out of space
Now understand that, Lil C-Nyle got so much soul
So grab your partner and dose-e-doe
Get on the flo', go for what you know
We all braided and faded, what they hating fo'
West coast, here's what you been waiting fo'
It's all love with the broke bar making dough
It doesn't matter age, race or coast, we all family
Here take a toast now hand it to me
Now flow, to the track, to the track
Found the snare and clap, yeah that enhances me
Throw up your hands with C, yeah dance with C
C'mon dance with C, yeah dance with C
Take a chance and see, what we all about
A. G. 's is known to turn the party out
Pour the bacardi out, that's what I'm talking bout
A. G's got you open and crawled up out, yeah

Yeah, let's, let's get on down
Let's have a good time yeah
See you and me together
Let's get on down

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