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Terrace Martin – Bounce, Rock, Skate lyrics

I took two niggas made a... Right
I took the wounds and made a...
It's hard to estate but I did my...
... While I'm... Shine
Oh yeah I check my review
I took the diamond... Just to give a... View
I got the pigs on me I got the dips on me
So I... Tryin to deal
Make a smooth get away so drink
When the smoke... My... Super supreme
When the lights is the bitch that shit turn green
But in the day time and mother fucker

My coop baby blue I snoop what it took
I... Said corrupt start the...
So we can bounce rock rolling skate

Eyes like is stroke don't stop blinking
Brain like it stop so I can't stop thinking
Six shots of patron fall back every I know it's on
Let's pass my cell phone so I can hit it big snoop and quick
... To the valley 'cause the time to dfeal
And the dj... Play on shit

A little bit from quick is worth all you've got
Life is alike a pussy you should have you a shot
My foot is in the... My big ass...
Got the... Spicy... No call mister...
Ain't the mйnage on the... My spot
Bad bitches just... Only bottles no...
... Tell em my name, who do you think I am?

Break the music is blossom ain't the down to a...
Now let's go in your hood and... Playin a...
Nigga wearing a couch down they should know where I am
You're the color of money and your wee looks like autumn
And the park is from your dreams is like they did when you want em
I feel you nigga I hate me too,
Always you can make this bossy players lose that I do
I'm exotic I'm excentric I'm erotic...
And snoop dog is the key then you know who's the prince is
Now... The quick... Tell us smart and corrupt done
... Now this is... Who in the world would have thought that
We would clip this,
Know what I think? I think you count for rapper bring the...
You mister glory day... Until the story is...
... In the days chickens open up their legs and get me other aids
I ain't feelin I ain't... For the sanctity and hoping I can pull out

My coop baby blue I snoop what it took
I... Said corrupt start the...
So we can bounce rock rolling skate
Deep and down the...

You call that swag I call that...
Now... Chickens and double bags
Met a... Calculate... And grounds
Miami to... Ville
High off... Stun the money... Cady man
... Like soldier
... That's the kush... In the bush... Since I have it


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