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Tae Fortune – Let Me See Ya Tattoo lyrics

[intro]:You got my head spinning girl,x3
U got my, u got my head spinning girl like
Round and round and round they go x3

[hook:] Baby, baby let me see ya tattoo, ya
Tattoo x3

[Verse 1: Tae Fortune]

Uh, baby you can let me see ya tattoo,
I promise you I want reveal nothing that
Ain't new, I wanna show you what's true and
I can show you love and all we need is
Communication and trust, a mistrust, yea
We had trouble at first but we can still
But we can do good baby we can still
Rehearse, you can stop the searching cuz
You know im here for you, all you need to
Do is let me see ya tattoo, aint nothing
Left me do, you really got me sprung im
Telling you the truth, I wanna live for
You and yea you know I die for u, but just
Let me see ya tattoo, you can let me see ya
Tattoo aint nothing else gone happen to you
That gone happen to you, aint nothing bad gone
Gone happen cuz you know im here for u ha-ha
But u, just let me see ya tattoo.

[hook:] Baby, baby let me see ya tattoo, ya
Tattoo x3

[verse 2: Tae Fortune]

Babyyy, u cannn, let meee see ya tatooo
Babyyy, I cannn, show what you dooo, we
Can do a lot of things, yea you know that
We can take to a place that you aint neva
Been before you know I make yo day, let me
See ya tattoo, I can put it right there put
On yo arm, on yo thigh or yo back right there,
It really wouldn't matter with me cuz im gonna
Take it you and yea you know you need to go and
Let me see that tattoo, you really got a nigga
Gone and Im telling the truth, like I said
Before let me see ya tattoo, let me see ya tattoo,
Let me see ya tattoo, baby girl you knowing that
You fine with yo fine attitude, got a realist nigga,
Yea you got the realist nigga, let me see ya tattoo
Baby so I can show you my figures AYYY.

[hook:] Baby, baby let me see ya tattoo, ya
Tattoo x3

[Outro]:let me let me see ya tattoo baby,
Shout out to Young Smoke, Ace-killa, Brice
Montana and DJ Drizzet.

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