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Suzanna Lubrano – Love So Good lyrics

Now there's no easy way to play this,
But I can't keep you to myself, to my self
So what should I do,
I guess I'll come right out and say it
I've been goin' crazy since you, since you left
So can you slide through

And make love to me, like we never slowed up
Arguments and broke up. I just wanna fall back in love again,
Can we put the past behind, and hold each other one more time, one more time,
Cuz' I don't know about you, but I'm sure

I'm sure I can't live another minute without your good love, your good love
Your love, your love, your love
So good
I'm cryin' every second I'm livin' without your good love, your good love,
Your love, your love, your love so good

Man you're simply amazing, you've got everything this woman needs, what I need,
So don't you go away,
I know I made mistakes and I'll do anything to make you see, make you see
That I don't want to lose you baby

I will promise you, this time will be better
Come back and I'll bet ya that we're gonna fall deep in love again,
If we put the past behind, and hold each other one more time, one more time,
Cuz' I don't know about you but I'm sure


(Dre Robinson Rap)
Listen, everyday I reminisce on how the lovin' was great
And what brought us together, that was nothin' but fate.
By your spell I'm hypnotized when I stare in your face
And I hate to see you cryin', tears on your face.
We got too much invested, years to replace
Throw it away now, that's considered a waste.
We got decisions to make put the past behind and start thinkin toward the future
Its like a piece of heaven fell, on earth, Angel
In the future I hear wedding bells
And its sooner than later
You know that every good love got room to be greater(
But I won't get ahead of myself
I'm sick without you and I'm just tryin' to better my health
So say bye now, nah I'm good love, to your good love, I'd rather be tied down.


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