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Supernatural – Get Ready To Rumble lyrics
Yo I picked the coin first, sorry that he met me
Ima play Aretha make this kid respect me
A lot of niggas say I can't? Votes
Why you gotta suck the judges dick to get votes?
This motherfucker's on the brink of insanity
Couldn't win the battle if the judges was his family
Say you studied my style it makes me wonder buddy
Cos you not even good enough to be my understudy
I swear to god, you need to do research
I'd look down his throat, but it would stain my t-shirt!
J-you-Ice is the sickest
You got an afro and dreads like Wilson nigga pick it
Ima do this, he can't get with me yo
You better kick some shit that's twice as I'll as Chino
Cos if you don't, I'm actual
Here's a super-dope nigga dissing Supernatural
J-you-Ice is, on the mic and I'm gone rip it
? Still heard albums with the lyrics on my snippet?
Then try to do this, I'll let him do rebuttal
He flew up in the air but he died like the shuttle

Now I grab the microphone and start to kick I will get loose
I'm gonna stand next to you and cut off, all ya juice
Knowing for a fact, nigga you truly wack
No nigga could ever start to fuck with Supernat
I could switch ya, one time brother feel the mixture
Ima come over here and rip down this nigga's picture!
Yeah, for a fact, a brother like this
Grab the microphone yo and you start to get dissed
Now, lemme take my hood off, you got the nerve
You're not a freestyle emcee, now you're getting served
I'm superb, one time, yo I'm slippin'
Juice you ain't shit, and you not even worth rippin'
Rippin' you down, every time that I rock it
Look at the way I flip it inside the fibre optics
Understudy? Yo that's suicidal
Fuck that shit, Supernatural is ya idol
You like me, yo brother you can't fight me,
I rock this shit, do it on the nightly
Yo, check it, I got him hypnotised
This wack motherfucker won't even look me in my eye

Yo Ima test ya, J-you-Ice is fresher
Who's the motherfucker that got dropped off Elektra?
I think you're Supernatural
Then sell a record and that bullshit is actual
Everybody wanna mingle?
Now let's sing the lyrics to this nigga's very last single
I'll diss him with a poem
Don't nobody sing 'em cos don't nobody know 'em
That's the way that it be,
A lot of nigga's think they fit to fuck around with me
Ima tell him like this, he wants to do the? Budges?
Nigga couldn't do it if he sucked all 9 of the judges
J-you will get I'll
He's trying to be fake but he need to be real
Ima show him how I do it
J-you-Ice will always kick the fluid
And next time he's super, Ima cut him off on this
A lot of rapper's think they dope but they softness
He ripped up my poster but Ima rip him
J-you-Ice is ill, he?

Now Juice? Now, you tried to diss me
Now I'm bout to lift ya to take it to 360
Watch close, yeah, brother when he was rockin his rhymes
Ya couldn't hear his voice but ya hearin' mine
Loud & clear, these freestyles'll protect ya
He said I was an emcee that got dropped off Elektra?
Yo, that was cool, he tried to diss me
But I bought ya wax and I used it for a frisbee
Yeah, every time, that I get I'll
You love the way I'm rockin' and you know that it's real
? Skills, watch me build, to the sound
Alright clown, everybody, simmer down
So you can hear the next punchline, that Ima rhyme
This cat named Juice? Yo he's all on mine
Now if I lose this battle, I'm holdin' grudges
Yo two times he said that I was suckin' judges
Hey, one time, yo I'm workin' magic
Why you talkin' bout they dicks you must be a faggot
It's tragic, yeah they way that I perform it
Tell you what, you the only one that I'll slaughter

Could you comprehend, Ima grab the mic and begin
I'm not gonna battle you, Ima battle ya twin
Comprehend, yeah transmissions I send, I slaughter
You the only one drinkin' water
Hey, Juice has a very intelligent mind
Because before I finished it, he finished my rhyme
Feel me rhyme, yeah brother every time I understand,
Shut the fuck up, I don't need a aight-man
Yeah, when I get busy, like that
You love the way that I rip, and spit on the track
Yo, you said your vocals, yeah as I rhyme like this
I grab the microphone and give it a twist
I exist on a different planet, a different plane

Switch up now everybody knows the name
I'm Supernatural, feel the I'll emcee
Yo Juice, you ain't really fuckin' with me

Yo everybody out there, yo they really dig me
Here's a little message Juice, to you from Biggie

Juice, you wack with it, really need to quit it
I'm a bossman, don't fuck with Supernatural
I told you, ? Non-stop
Take that bullshit hiphop back on the block

Now I'm back, writing exact, for a fact
Shape-shifter, dude take the mic and I'll lift ya
When I rhyme, it's time for me to shine
Yeah you can stop it man go ahead scream time!

He said I can't freestyle, to me it's a ritual
Why the fuck all his freestyles is predictable?
That nigga tell? Many things
A dope rapper can rip the mic to anything
This motherfucker act like he in the streets
Acting like a bitch that wanna try to change beats
I heard that he called Revolution on the 3-way
Even tried to get his own motherfuckin' dj!
J-you-Ice is real and I'm fresh in this
I'm a real emcee, he a god-damn impressionist!
Motherfucker wanna hang on your choices
He don't freestyle he be trying to do voices
I rock the mic, ?
I only get 4, the loser gets a G
This motherfucker on the mic can't sweat this
He couldn't reach the top in a bad game of Tetris

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