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State Champion – Just An Answer lyrics

Jan was a cross turned upside down
She would hang like a thunder in the sky
I only kissed a few gals in this town
My dad still calls me wondering why
But I've been half asleep since sundown
Half awake since Sunday night
And I don't think I have an answer
For the good ones in my life
(We had a few things to get right)

So we stuck around town until we got bored
We traded James Brown for the same ol' Lord
And packed our backpacks full of four hundred miles of road
We stumbled through our teens toward a bus
That took us through Cabrini Green to the bars
Where the babes throw up on piles of gold and yea I know
A pile of gold ain't going to get you to the land
Where the light from your babysitter's cigarette goes
It may someday Lord

But I've been half asleep since sundown
I've been half awake since Sunday night
And I forgot which road crosses which road
Where to meet my man to get my money right
So I crawled back into the graveyard
Where I woke this morning shoveling up the day
And I whispered to the body by me that I dig her
But don't love her in that way

'Cause I got folks to pay and other folks to say
The things that got me feeling mixed up
And I got other folks to pay and my friends to say
"Hey man I heard you got your dick sucked" Hallelujah
Had an angel cut my hair off
And a landlord put a price out on my head
And the New York Times didn't come today
But I heard my older brother say that "God is dead"

And my sister said that she heard the same
And then my mother came and she put us all to bed
So turn out the lights so early tonight
Under the covers we would go searching
For an answer for the good ones in our lives
Tiny dancer I ain't looking for a wife
Just an answer for the good ones in our lives
Just an answer for the good ones left tonight

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