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State Champion – Bite The Dust lyrics

Where do the good ones go
When they don't make it out all right?
I don't know but we will follow you there
And we will wait in all the lines
And we will waste all of the time we've got to waste
Pulling ties around our necks sucking back my hair
Wrapping smiles around our faces I will smile for you friend
I'm gong to smile

When the fortuneteller says "You're going to bite the dust today"
And the weathermen and weatherwomen say "Just forget about it"
It's always shining on Kentucky when you're sad
But I ain't mad about the weather
I just ain't trying to feel much better about my past

And I was born too old to try
And I will die yes ma'am I'll die too young to die
Mama she'll puke and papa he'll cry
And the preacher man will break his neck
Asking those holy jet planes why
And all my friends all of my friends who are around
Will drive their mopeds and their vans on out
To the prettiest part of this town
And cross their legs at the riverbed
Swig from the green and shake their heads

Saying cuss words at the ground
All sorts of lines like "Oh shit" and "Goddamn
There goes another one well I've got so much to do"
She shoots her trash into the tired and tepid blue
Tripping the boats there goes another one
Well I've got so much to do before I die

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