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Square One – Cry lyrics

F/ Heidi Vogel

She was a smart girl but never came to finish

Her school Disobeying what she used to call

The sinister rules The minister knew, they

Grew one special bondage

An overly calm kid but haunted!

13 and good her belly started to bust, cold crush

No one to trust, that's why she kept it on the hush...

Yo, six months passed: robbed off her smile

She had to go down south to give birth to a child.

We lost touch, one day coming back from tour

Everybody bugging, guess who just move next door

Saw her frame buying pampers at the grocery-store

Try to front like she really don't know me no more

Played it off no sweat god forgive why try

Every now and then, a hi and bye bye

My man Pete, always see her twisted in clubs

Shaking them thangs for Chris', only kick it with thugs

Who would really be surprised if she dipped into drugs

The word got around that she be pimping her love

Simply because, that's what her misery does

Constantly trying to find a way to bigger her buzz

Few months ago, she met this big-time baller

That's when the real shit started off..


All I've known is pain and sorrow in my life,

Please don't let me cry

Today I've learned to love tomorrows of my life,

Please don't let me cry

And all the things that I've been through

Just kept my pride and I stayed true,

Please don't let me cry, please don't let me cry

Killer was well known for slinging bricks of cocaine

Two gambling spots, pushing tricks with code-names

The type with gold chains, a bully with bad taste

A mad face, quick to get your ass laced...

Deep in her heart she needed a father figure

Blind to the fact what's got her problems triggered

Seeking reflections in bottles of Hennessy

Re-evaluating her sorrows and tendencies,

Neglecting her own on the phone smoking bones

What's all that noise coming out of her broken home?

Domestic violation, pain isolation

You won't find no answers being patient

Writing predicaments for whole generations

It's not a battle, (what?) annihilation!

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