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Spitvalves – Skaboobidibobidiska lyrics

Livin by the way of the school
But definitely the old
Livin in and representin o-town
So yo i'm never cold
30's and vogues on this ride
You know you've never seen
Rollin on 13's
I'm a man with supremes

I'll keep on skankin
All the way until dawn
Keep on movin
No no don't ever stop
You better move them feet boy
Pick it up

No more love for this heartbreaker
No way
No more confusion no no
Just simply parlay
I loved once
And it i'll be my last
No more confusion
Simply dreams of the past

All the sucker mc's
Who try and break it down
If you step to this
You'll be laughed at like a clown
All them true fans
Thanks for comin to see us
All the sucker mc's
I'll melt you down like montequias

Why i need the glock
When i got the clock
Tellin me the time
When i gotta rhyme
When i got the show
I gotta go
Always sittin low
Never feenin for the high
Or sky no lie
Why do we lie
It's all good
Because those that do
At least most of them know
What there gettin in too
Cause i don't need it
But i've never done it
Cause yo i don't know
Why they love it
Why i need to show
The flow
That i ain't got
It don't make me a man
Just a target spot
For the sucker
But the sucker is me
Now my shit is all gone
I should've gave to charity
I should've kept the treasure buried
Then they wouldn't of scared me
Or shared me
With a fight
I thought it lasted all night
Two minutes short
A sport
Out a sight

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