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Spitvalves – New Deal lyrics

Comin back keepin it real
Yes it's the new deal
I don't smoke the buddah
But i still listen to the
Gonna rise to the top
Gonna pursue with the crew
That's what we're gonna do
On and on til dawn
Or til i yawn
We're gonna wreck it
Outside of the club
Yo man come in and check it
Some skaboobidibobidi shit
That's gonna hit
Slammin and jammin and bammin
Are you understandin?

You only live once
So why are you so mad?
Many people would die
For half of what you have
You only live one time
So fuck it
Go ahead and buy it
Everybody sound that funky horn
Because that's the way
That i like it

Flowin with the rhyme
That's seepin' through your ear
Even though i throw it hard
You ain't got nothin' to fear
It's just the sweet sweet sound
Of the horn melody
We're keepin' the shit true
Yes, we live in reality
I got no one to impress
The way that dress
I just express
My feelings and emotions
No stress
I live life day by day
That's the way i can cope
No dope
In my vein
Or seepin' to the brain
Love the people
For who they are inside
Be aware of the beauty
They provide
On the outside
Television's tellin' me a dream
It's unclear to me
You know i just can't see
Deceit and lies
Is livin' in their eyes
Sittin' pretty makin' millions
While we struggle to get by
It's all good though
I musn't complain
I believe it's decided
Who receives the fortune and fame

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