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Spike – Let Me Rest In Peace lyrics

I died
So many years ago
And you can make me feel
Like it isn't so
But why you come to be with me
I think I finally know

You're scared
Ashamed of what you feel
And you can't tell the ones you love
You know they couldn't deal
But whisper in a dead man's ear
It doesn't make it real

That's great
But I don't wanna play
'Cause being with you touches me
More than I can say
And since I'm only dead to you
I'm saying stay away and
Let me rest in peace

Let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it
In a hole 6-foot deep
I can lay my body down
But I can't find my sweet release
So let me rest in peace

You know,
You got a willing slave
You just love to play the thought
That you might misbehave
Till you do,
I'm telling you
Stop visiting my grave
Let me rest in peace
I know I should go
But I follow you like a man possessed
There's a traitor here beneath my breast
And it hurts me more than you've ever guessed
If my heart could beat, it would break my chest
But I can see you're unimpressed
So leave me be and

Let me rest in peace
Let me get some sleep
Let me take my love and bury it
In a hole 6-foot deep
I can lay my body down
But I can't find my sweet release
Let me rest in peace
Why won't you
Let me rest in peace

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  • Hommeldraak
    This song is sung by a vamp, Spike, who's in love with the vampire slayer, Buffy. They have an affair of sorts, but Buffy doesn't want to tell her friends, "the scoobies" who helps with slaying. Spike can't hurt humans for there's a chip in his head, so he isn't even sure if it's love or the chip.
    Because she doesn't want the secret to be known, she's careful. Yeah, Buffy sleeps with him, but not that often.
    Spike, however, is getting tired of her, and when there's a demon in town who makes people sing their secrets, he sings this song. He's willing to do just about anything for her, "You've got a willing slave, and you just like to play the thought, that you might misbehave" That bit indicates that she is well aware of it, and likes to string him along (in his perspective, at least) "till you do, I'm telling you, stop visiting my grave" that bit clearly states that if she doesn't want him, he wants her to at least stop stringing him along, and sleeping with him.
    Spike really is an intriguing and complicated character. Although he's a bada*s vamp, he does, in fact, have a sweet side.
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