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Spermbirds – Knifethrower lyrics

Need to write a letter or screaming would be better
Just to let some people know that I'm still alive
Lately I've been thinking that maybe I should change
But to tell the whole truth I still haven't decided

'cause most situations
Are rarely as good
Or bad as they seem on the face of it
What's given from the left
Is taken from the right
I know all these things 'cause I'm a knifethrower

Everybody's got a fake smile
One that they use every once in a while
Everybody's got a long time
To practise their lies and their smalltown crimes
Everybody every now and then
Can use a helping hand from a helping friend
Most people got a lot to learn
I know all these things 'cause I'm a knifethrower

Try to tell myself that I know just where I stand
But the conviction that I seek is just not there
Instead a long line
Of statements that I've eaten
And I'll do it again
'cause I'm a knifethrower

Everybody's got a wrong mind
In a wrong head and a horrible timing
Everybody's being lied to
By everyone else, including me and you
Everybody wants a guarantee
From some so-called god that they can't see
Most people don't have a clue
I know all these things 'cause I'm a knifethrower

It's just a goddamn shame
That the one without a thing to say
Always talks the loudest - people listen anyway
Now if I knew what I was doing
Then I probably wouldn't do it

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