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Space Eater – Merciful Angel lyrics

Angel of mercy once again
Spreads his wings to destroy the doomed
Acting by his conscience no more
Wave your flaming sword upon us
You will feast on our blood
Kill the innocent, save assassins
And go peacefully to your cloud

Angel, are you blind now?
Mercy from your hands is gone
Darkness upon justice
Killing has been done

Can you reverse the course of actions
Wake the victims of your rage
Blind fury, judgement without jury
Must be locked into it's cage
Mindless crimes, stupid as they are
Shouldn't be done by holy hands
If this is to be the divine justice
Will the shadow lift from all the lands?

Angel, are you blind now?
Mercy from your hands is gone
Darkness upon justice
Killing has been done
By orders from the mighty
To witness that the evil won

Rivers of blood will flood the Earth
As the devil will laugh upon your deeds
In whose service are you now
And have you earned your demonic wings?

Face your sins, repent them all
Your soul is peaceful for long
Madness reigning your mind
And leaving skies far behind
Devastation is your trail
Human faces remain pale
Glowing flame's your signature
Still you think that you remain pure
Moments of glory, enjoy them now
Your mistakes will not be forgotten
Fall from grace, a punishment for you
Just for one moment be true

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