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Slutbox – No Sleep lyrics

Bloodied by the mind rape - cannot look back gotta fight back -
Revenge is bitter sweet -could have killed me but you scarred me instead -
Sleepless and disgusted - your eyes remind me of my faith -
Everytime that I find you I wake up and I find out it's too late
Wanting and needing you bleeding, not breathing
Your lying, deceiving, and cheating, is fucking no more

Inside I am drowning - cannot wake up my dreams are drug induced -
Feel the devil in my veins it's laughing - it's tightening the noose -
Wholesome dreams of addiction cause friction - bad feelings good intent -
It's my demonic habit tastes like hell but it feels so heaven sent

Wanting and needing you bleeding, not breathing
Your lying, deceiving, and cheating, is fucking no more

Breaking point can't take it sunrise sunset repeat
Watch the passing of the time watch your world fill with deceit
All those nights I stayed alive with you have gone to naught
The half truth symphony starts to play as another lie is bought

Breakdown of the functions twisted visions of a long dead fantasy
Instant repercussions doesn't matter my words are fallacy
Bloodletting molesting and testing all signs pointing to (no)
All my sins surround me I love them and I'll never let them go
Taste my fears orgasmic and tragic your life smells like rain
Inside out you're dying denying these feelings of pain

Forgot who I used to be - I'm fucking you for fucking me
Hands bound and on your knees - cut out your eyes so you can't see
Break your legs so you can't leave - slit your throat so you can't breath
Who the fuck is tapping me - woke me up fucked up my dream

Everytime I come around slight

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