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Slipknot – Dead Memories lyrics

Sitting in the dark,
I can't forget.
Even now,
I realize the time
I'll never get.
Another story

Of the Bitter Pills of Fate.
I can't go back again.
I can't go back again
But you asked me
To love you and I did.
Traded my emotions
For a contract to commit
And when I got away,
I only got so far.
The Other Me Is Dead.
I hear his voice inside my head
We were never alive,
And we won't be born again.
But I'll never survive
With Dead Memories in my heart.
You told me to love you
And I did.
Tied my soul into a knot
And got me to submit.
So when I got away,
I only kept my scars.
The Other Me Is Gone.
Now I don't know where I belong
We were never alive,
And we won't be born again.
But I'll never survive
With Dead Memories in my heart.
Dead Visions in your Name.
Dead Fingers in my Veins.
Dead Memories in my Heart

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv

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Dead Memories meanings

  • m
    For me, it about learning to forget someone, and learning to move on.
    I feel this way now, I keep listening to this song so much its crazy how it describes perfectly how I feel right now about my ex. I gave him everything only to be letdown, we tried it agian, and it happended agian and he asks me to one more time give him a chance, and now I see that we never had anything real from the get go, and anyother tries would be in vain. You can't revive somthing that was never alive.
    But finally figuing this out, it was to late, I had allready given, and now theres so much I lost, rightnow, I know I've got to learn to letgo and move on, but I'm still very hurt, so I can't help but to feel bitter dislike for the one I love.
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  • d
    Well considering that he was married to Scarlett Stone and I believe they had a kid together and then divorced. And now he's married again. I'm guessing this is about his ex. Think about it. " you asked me to love you and i did traded my emotions for a contract to commit. and when i got away i only got so far. the other me is dead." I understand that some of you may not have children, but when you have kids with someone, no matter what happens to you as a couple there is never any escape from that person no matter how far you go, a child is for life, much more permanent than marriage. I honestly think this song is about that ordeal.
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  • u
    Fate that cannot be altered and scars that were printed and embeded to the heart and mind. Crazy it may seem but if you would change the musicality into something like acoustic it can give it a whole new dimension to how people can view the song. Don't get me wrong, the musicality is great and the totality of it I just want to explore its flexibility cause I love the lyrics.
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