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Slimm Iceberg – Never Gonna Know lyrics

Verse 1
You and me, you know we need to be on a level
Cause we can't keep
Just wandering round in circles going over what we said
Yesterday, we were both in a rage
And we need to calm down and talk about this like adults

Brefrainus 1
You, say that we can work this out
You say it's me that's in the wrong
But I have known for far too long
That things are never gonna change, babe

Never gonna know if you don't tell me
Whatever it is that you want from me
Never gonna be who you want me to be
Never gonna make up without 'sorry'
Never gonna know if you don't tell me
Whatever it is that'll make you happy
Never gonna be who you want me to be
This has gotta change or we just can't be

Verse 2
Never seem to listen to me,
Always interrupting to get your own point through,
Never care about anyone else but yourself
And you keep going on, making no sense,
Then wondering why I don't know what you want

Brefrainus 2
I'm right - you're wrong,
I don't - you do,
I'm not trying to win cause I've got nothing left to lose
I don't wanna leave but I don't know what else to do,
And I can't face another day
Loving you...


Verse 3
I don't want to end this, you know I'm still in love with you
We can't go on playing games,
Passing blame back and forth,
Is it always gonna be me that has to try to put things right
Everytime we have a fight
Don't you ever think that maybe you need to look at yourself,
Then look at my argument and see I'm right

Bref. 1
Bref. 2

Chorus 2 fade

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