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Sky Eats Airplane – The Artificial lyrics

Hand me your lies
Hand me my keys.

You have to give it all up
When you realize
What you're leaving behind
I wish I was lost,
But this was an alternate destination.

Watch life flash before your eyes and
Hope for the best.
Even in this well-lit room,
Where you lay down to rest
You still cast a shadow that stabs you in the back

This all began so well,
And was the longest spiral...
Downward I've ever felt.
You would've been the death of me
If I stuck around much longer
These months of sickness felt like I
Was sleeping six feet underground.

You can't tell the difference between what's real and not
Find the truth or you will lose yourself forever.

I know it's not all your fault
I knew early on what I was getting myself into.

Go ahead, be my guest, work on everything that closed our door
Everything I worked so hard for

You said you walked the line, but you're the one falling short
Actions speak louder than words.
I can't waste time anymore

When you realize
What you're leaving behind
I wish I was lost,
But this was an alternate destination.

With no plot
And no path laid out
I swear I'm not lost
I'm not lost

You were offered the world and turned it down
She'd no tear, and hope to break out on your own
I Refuse to call this place home

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    You're putting everything you can into a girl, and get nothing in return. Nothing is good enough, until you say you're going to leave. Then, they say they'll change but "actions speak louder than words". They fall back into their own habits, and before they know you're leaving them. Because you've had enough, and they obviously don't know who they are. They hurt themselves as well as others with their actions, and being with them changes you so much you don't feel alive anymore. Just a shell of what you used to be. You offer her the world, and she turns it down. But comes running back when you're gone. But, by that time you're over wasting your time, and finally you've given up on them.
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