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Shystie – Questions lyrics
Verse one

Hello welcome to the Nathan never show
Tonight we got many guess and exclusive videos
But first, we'd loved to get this woman between my sheets
Yeah you guessed it we got shystie in a hot seat

To be quiet honest I'm like sick to death with you
All these kids running around idolising you
From graffiti on trains too kids tattooing your name
What's next for heavens sake a shystie video game

Just kidding you're on the path to ultimate fame
Now can you explain how you got in involved this game?

First of all you need to watch your mouth and mind how you chat
Cause you're getting excited and best you relaxed
Bro, you got me confused like some closet Homo
But further more well discuss that shit after the show

Any way I made my name on this scene as a teen
And these broad page, pages that you seen that's just me
Because my pr you no ruth down there and sainted
She's blown me up now I ain't nothing to play with

Shy as you said this scene like male dominated
I mean you no some women get frustrated
It's hard to keep focus and self motivated
Results to women doing tings x rated
I'm mean you just got to keep control
I no a few stars that sold their soul
Even servicing there services on road
I mean shy I no you ain't no hoe

Listen yeah those question I ignore em cos I've got decorum
So I leave it to the girls who like whoring while I'm touring
Further more that question rude do you perceive me as some sket
Do I look like a girl that's who sleeps around to build a rep?


Question after question being asked
I don't know how long my patience's gona last
I am who I am so let me be who I be
I just want to spit man I don't need this grief

Question after question being asked
I don't know how long my patient going last
I am who I am so let me be who I be
I just want to spit man I don't need this grief

Verse two

I mean you got Will smith and jada Beck's and posh,
J-low and Ben aflet, 50 and vivica fox
Lauren and her Rasta king eminem and Kim
It's a endless celebrity lists, I don't know were to begin

Ooh year not to for get jay z and beyonce
And there's rumours going round that you have a fiance

Listen yeah your talking like you no me you don't know me
Me and you ain't no friend's blood you're to nosey
All your question after question man its all bullshit
And I ain't going to fuel your fire towards it cha

Who I sleep with in between my sheets I keep discreet
I don't need my business talk about on the street

Look, I'm a strapping lad a masculine chap
I mean I play croquet but I can learn how to rap
Only last two minutes but believe I'm good in the sack
Sometimes I last a little longer but my woody clasped

I'm begging you please my marriage is like turned in to rubbles
Baby me and you could be the next celebrity couples

I can't stand when these interviewers don't pay attention
And not to mention you look like you're on a pension
You look like that ronald mc Donald and mc hammer
And by your heavy breathing I can tell you got no Stamina

You came on stage with your bow legged walk
Grey hairs on your head and that slur in your talk
From the start of your show I didn't take you serious
I don't even like you point blank and period


Its time for the audience to participate in the fun
Throwing question at you like a cricket ball that's been swung
It could be negative criticism that slips off the tongue
If I were you I would not be bother by none of these bums

Ok you first 'me ' no the guy with the thong in his head
You air head chop, chop time is ticking ahead

Audience member 1
Ok hi em hello my name is Bernard yeah
I'm feeling very nervous sorry let me start again em hello
No hi good bye ergh..

Audience member 2
Yeah I love your stuff; yeah it's rugged and ruff
I'm in to hip hop me, I'm in to will smith and puff
It must have been tuff, brought up in the ghetto and that
You must have had to sell crack to put clothes your back

Look don't stereo type me because I'm from the ghetto
I ain't buss no guns or drive by's so just settle
Shit what the fuck, what do you wana hear me say
Ok I'm armoured with live grenades and ak's

Audience member 3
I thing your so articulate
Your lyrical content is magnificent
Such emotion such conviction
Such intimacy, such addiction

Thanks to everybody that supporting me out here
Listen yea My album is dropping out of the end of the year
So, when it comes out go down to the stores and cop it
Cos you play a part of putting figures in Shy's pocket

That's enough of this fraf forgive me shy for all of this crap
It a commercial break soon, but I got one thing to add
I mean hmm, what's your actual chances of making it
This could be tumbling career that lasts one minute

Can you progress through this race to the very finish?
I mean all your competition can you handle it?

Competition you're joking mate that means I feel threaten
And there not no artist in this game that's got shy sweating
Na, I take the piss I tell it how it is right now
And cos I'm real, you see your fans, I'm here to take them right now

Ha Ha simple you feel me doe
From head to toe, my whole style and flows original
And I don't like them fizzy pop emcees yeah I said it
You're all shit I'll waste you like a ten-pound credit.. What!

Go shystie Go shystie Go shystie Go shystie

Other than that, I'm down too earth a star from the birth
More than worth you to spending your album money to hear my verses
I say what people think but are to scared to say
I'm that wild renegade and I been let out to play


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