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Shin Seung Hoon – I Believe lyrics

I believe keu daen kyeod eh eop ji man
Ee dae roh ee pyeol eun ah ni ket chyo
I believe na eh geh oh neun gil eun
Cho geum meol ri dol ah ol poon ee ket chyo

Moh doo ji na gan keu gi eok sok eh seo
Nae ga na reul ah peu geh ha myo noon mool eul man deul chyo

Na man keum ool ji ahn ki reul keu dae man eun
Noon mool eop shi nal pyeon ha geh poh nae joo gi reul
Eon jehn ga ta shi dol ah ol
Keu da ra neun keol ahl gi eh nan mid go it ki eh
Gi da ril geh yo nan keu dae yeo ya man ha chyo

I believe nae ga ah pa hal ga pwa
Keu dae neun ool ji doh mot haet get chyo
I believe heu reu neun nae noon mool ee
Keu dael ta shi nae geh dol ryeo joo ket chyo

Ji goo meom choo neun nae noon gil sok eh seo
Keu dae moh deup deul ee deo ol ra noon mool eul man deul chyo


Nan keu dae al gi jeon ee seh sang doh
Ee reoh keh noon poo syot neun ji
Keu ha neul ah rae seo ee jen
Noon mool roh nam kyo chyeot ji man
Ee ja ril nan ji gil keh yo

Keu dae ran ee yoo man eu roh na eh geh neun
Gi ta rim joh cha choong boon hi haeng bok ha ket chyo
Sarang ha ee yoo man eu roh
Doh ha roo ga ji na ga go oh neun kil ee cheo doh
Ki da ril keh yo nan keu dae yeo ya man ha chyo
Nan keu dae yeo ya man ha chyo

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