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Shemp – Mountaintops lyrics

Hard men were sold down the river Styx
For cold bones of women they walked with
Another rebel reveled in the dark
Stole self from tomb, looked back towards doom
My friends were sold down the river Styx
On the river, on the river I walked
With another rebel, another rebel of the flesh and blood
The word came out not boy or girl

I’m just an infamous spy of the other kind
I wonder what happens on the inside
We’re just a couple of guys
Take turn off each other’s rides
I speculate of world’s behind-
My letter for years remains covered in dust to
Men and woman of the world
Take hold of my girls
I’ve got so many fucking girls
They’ve all got brown hair, light eyes, a big smile, real cheeks
They look so good with their pants and accessories.

I walked out to say, “You’re next to me”
And if I was a golden boy then I’d be just another toy
For the one who’s gone across the coast and not an ocean that I can boast
I watched the videos; I’ve watched the tapes
But still I can’t play, play, play the game
I looked at you, you looked at me too
We both thought that maybe it would work out in the end
I looked at you, I looked at me too
I’m gone
I’m gone, I walk out the door

They call his eyes a number
I call this a chance to fumble
As skins touch artificially
In the mind I see just sheets
A mind can only follow and I’m not in control
So I send regards, goodbye
Do you need more to know?

When I walked out of the cave I had 12 million followers
They followed me, followed me
I didn’t watch and they didn’t respond, so I turned a cheek and sighed
They didn’t look on, no one looks on
Expectation’s demise, but there were real tears in their eyes
Real, real tears in their eyes, I swear
Through the glass, their shape stayed the same
A pose frozen and it was beautiful even if it wasn’t real
No shadows go, if there’s no light
You find the figures are fake
You need some air

I know, I know
Walking out still not here
So it’s a long walk, it’s true
Rickety course
It’s a walk out from your house
Destruction of the home

Could it be what I perceive?
I burned down
Still won’t stand down (2x)
Still won’t stand down
Stand down (2x)

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