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Shapeshifters – Sacred Geometry lyrics
Hear you now a story of good and evil
for evil flourished everywhere
but one hope though
don't bother calling for help, it will just cut short our conversation
once upon one time
it's all going to be locked away

are you a visionairie with the premonition
that tempts the dimension of fate
were on a path
if you seek self
transformation look no farther shape shift
if you hide in your questions
you can suffer from superstition
it's attack on fiction
and I predict through tension is a gift
eat Halloween candy or do some speed
if you want to rock with me
killing liquor can prevent cavities
you can sit perch proud on your porch
anticipating the day with the bible and the loaded exit
and that's what you get
Provachi sat and fasted for forty five days
I ate fast food and sat on the block for six
if you like to be complete
seek the truth
proof enough that they compute
is stolen in the roof
in addition
symbolism lyrical illustration
avoid repetition demonstrated
opportunities divided equally
equals sacred geometry
endless of reality
is what you make of it
and if we change your consciousness
we can change the way the whole drama unfolds
and everything is unfolding
exactly as it should
but what
we make it better yet
be thankful for receiving such difficult opportunities
some complain they're bored cus
they've had it too easy
we've all made mistakes
we've all said things that we really don't mean
simple things are so down that they can only go up
your body is life
your soul is immortal
the power of nature the nature of power
the flower of life
let us think of the tree as it grows and flowers and fruits and
fall to the ground
and in each one is found one thousand seeds
in the image of a tree
one's spirit can move
through all living things
and everything is evolving
just as it should
much in the way stars serious age
musical flame
it's the same
identical to DNA
it is the shape that generates
the law of physics
isn't it
fractals spiral nebula
evolutional by ratio
cut and paste
mixing musical pieces of human misery
can we save the planet by mixing chemistry
socially alchemy is today's technology
atoms combine
to form molecules
recombine turning lead into gold or water into wine
in my previous life I was a cholo
made in Japan
china man
Australian aborigine
pigmy yankee honky
on the other hand you may not be so lucky
duck season
is the reason
nonbelievers guilty of treason
as long as we remain lame
history fails to repeat
will you make the same mistakes twice
are we doing time for a mistake we had made in some other life time
your body is life
your soul is immortal

(Radio Inactive)
when the mind has the opportunity it often decides in flaw
and encourages you to operate out of your feeling center
for you have the same capacity and activity independence lining
as you do in your brain cells
what does it mean to be elaborate cards
the living labyrinth doorways in the body
is your genitals
attendant to the tentacle
running out of you is a stowaway
serving as an opening into the records of time
creatures on earth insects lizards plants and any mals
to illuminate one another
and bring themselves to a hyper state of awareness
a new harmony without computers and without mechanical
and no mechanic can be fix themselves
fix your eyes on that which can not be seen
please understand there is little difference between
a memory interactual live experience and a dream
we are your team
imagination is the coach
we are always winning
hope is the winning shot
but the shot clock is running out
hyperventilating people running in circles with no particular destination
to stay physical fit
so they can physically fit
into the economical coffin of the opposite orientation of the earthly
package deals
sonash beginning
beginning the table is smashed
hit of the inning
into the dugout
leaving Yohammed like dig dug
the pink slug under your welcome mat is a note
that your coming into the door
of the geometric elementary school principal's janitor's basement hiding
(my brother I'm telling you)

your body is life
your soul is immortal

upon hearing this
you may be awakened
feel free to add on, collaborate
you're important
beneath the earth's crust
is the dusted
human life scrolls into the past sphinx
climb to the peak of the mountain top
as an elder in the cave
he gave you yet
another missing puzzle piece
jump inside the picture frame
frang ball me???
behind alternative dreams
so you can see
who'd love to see you fall
behind door number two
who'd turn red to see you blue
behind door one is you
which proves
the real enemy is the envy
eaten by jealousy
you're killing me
and everyone I know-o-o
is killing you
the seasons come from me
and this was past on to me
as a gift to you
pass on to others
don't be surprised
if what you once thought to be important
is no longer
come with doubt you will be given every reason to be doubtful
come with love more love will be shown more then ever know-o-own
are we scared of being afraid
are we prepared to walk through skin
that's another dimension of the complex simpleton
skeleton crew
must we spell it out to you
break it down to the anatomy
muscles like more puzzles
it came from the heart
electricity pumps through the arteries
up to your brain
back to where it first came
cave or lake???
emcees are in pain
but you got smarter today
shape it like clay
but you waste the day
although I reside in these times of trial
do we decide
wrong or right or left or how much time
is your karma being collecting can collide
you met up with the spectrum of inspection
with the sickle hour glass in hand
sand slips through
but how it erase
remain on the beach of each planet buckling
oddly enough
can I preach please teach me something
emcees are in pain due to the arrival of their wisdom teeth
death is inevitable
time waits for noone
for noone times waits patiently
scuffling away doing your duty is
realization of your existence
it is important to know what you are thinking
learn to live in harmony
unjealous unsuspicious understand
respect through truth trust love joy peace of mind
plant free society
is utopia
even in the realistic possibility
you will become increasingly aware of the power of your thoughts
and how they're utterly creating your own reality

(Radio Inactive)
when the sun splits in two the rate of skin cancer will be rise
there are those who say don't look at the sun it will burn out your eyes
chuck, noone made a mistake when they put the sun in the sky
we tell you all it changed in your eye structure
there will be a mutation in the optic nerve architecture
that will allow a new type of vision
and the likes of which have been holding you in the 3rd dimension
marked with a new invention
scared of revolution
read the book of revelations
holes in the ozone irrated and empty
the tremendous speed of the process of evolution
when you encounter a cosmic celestial vision in your future
you were already been exposed to preperational energy
earth in the mix at the frequency of 7.8 Hertz
when the bodies step on vibrate at the same rate
there will be incredible psychic opening in awareness since birth
and unity
vegetation can be grown around meditation is that not blind
communication with nature
dolphins do not keep secrets from one another
they willingly share the assimilation of knowledge with each other
no one will suffer
you can tell the evolution of individuals by how willing they are to
share what they know
if you know who are interviewed in the shopping malls
of the recto crona lot gwana where wanna culture knows???
of who you are
take a walk in the woods in the fields in the ocean you will see
other life forms around you that are much more aware of who you are
the era of ignorance is ending
you are coming era for slow knowing
we struck a fuse
write the seasons down
let me substitute your mind
on another level
there is a language being spoken and being recorded by your mind
like a crop circle
of spiral time???
landing expanding your mind you find the evening and the earthly born
it's a year tree ebb on to the future
in the present past reckless recollection of what's to come

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    This song is about life and how we should be living (selfless and loving) as opposed to how we are living ( selfishness, greed, envy). And there’s so many more great and wise messages in this song I could easily go on and on but I won’t. I’ll let u figure the rest out on ur own. Look up sacred geometry and it might help.
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      This song is about life and how we should be living (selfless and loving) as opposed to how we are... Read more →

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