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Scream Thugs-A-Hair – Reality Real lyrics

[Verse One: Scrub]
Yeah shoot, [?]
Curration, [?]
Listen, [?]
Back go in a shit
Shit, Shell, [?]
[Chorus: Scrub]
And maker is the door hay hay hire, hire
And the block was till kill me bull shit
Proper is the formatting is the whiching
Bloody body, bloody body
Bloody body, bloody body
Bloody body, bloody body
Bloody body, bloody body
Bloody body, bloody body
Bloody body, bloody body
[Verse Two: Park Low]
Down, [?]
With the bloody mess, [?] shit

[Verse Three: Mr. Boy]
I kick no mangler this run that is
I couldn't *sshhh* [?]
Flip the motion, [?}
Murder Murder Murder out shit, [?] Hero

Fen, this back up straight this
It was scripion, make season come my reality real
Deep make a up with the bloody get [?]
Madstyle, crime
[Verse Four: Karim Kaloga]
Le tour france, gotta help this nigga
That is, smoked up the [?]
With the bloody mess [?]
Aces with the lot, [?] fools
Barking up, barking up, barking up, barking up, 2# Ashes

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