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Scream At The Sun – The Crown Bleeds lyrics

From womb to Tomb, a king is born
Upon his head, a crown of thorns The story reads like the old books tale
With one small twist, this king will fail
Rise up, The King Bleeds Crown of thorns
Rip that scepter from his hand
False prophet leads dogma to the edge
Deaf dumb and blind leap heedless from the ledge
They’ll take it back. BACK Your slaves will rise. RISE Usurp the throne
And sever kingdom’s head
Rise up, The King Bleeds Crown of thorns
Mammon, Asmodia, Leviathan Rise, rise, rise, rise up!
We’ll feed on the world’s souls. The millions won’t fulfill us But as
Our legions grow,
The millions won’t fulfill us We’ll take down the heavens, And defeat
Our foes Impregnate the conquered With our demon seed Vanquish all their
For our hordes to feed Trampled under foot, They no longer bleed
The sins of the father, are held by the mother
False prophet led his sheep to the slaughter
We slit their throats and let the blood flow like water
Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Dead!
To spread his false beliefs across this torrid land
Rise up, The King Bleeds, Crown of thorns
Rip that scepter from no
Rip that scepter from his .. life
The blood of the dead
Crimson red from shore to shore To fed no more, no more

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