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Scream At The Sun – The Burden Of Truth lyrics

Words thrown in the dark, like shadows on the wall
Enchanting they rise they fall,
Swaying as the darkness calls
Your lies they fall, and die before the dawn,
Your lies are gone I won’t take it no more, your gone
Day destroys the night, no shadows on the wall
Deceiving, how you learned your wrong
Pleading, the damage has been done

You fall to your knees and plead to me
And your pleas unheard
You’re lies, with your eyes you can’t see
You can’t see the forest for the trees

It’s your choice, but your voice is absurd
The burden of truth hangs on every word
With my eyes, it’s your lies I can see

All the years you have stolen form me

It’s my choice and my voice will be heard
The burden of truth hangs on every word
It was your choice and your lies were absurd,
The burden of truth hung on every word
You promised truth, like there was no tomorrow
It’s your choice but your voice is absurd
The Burden of truth hangs on every word…
…but there’s no tomorrow

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