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Reset Your Mind – Sanctum Sanctorum lyrics

Can you save this
Can you take it down

I cannot take this
I'm bitten falling to the ground.
It's all I need.

Well here it is I, don't expect this world to listen when I say I'm sorry
Yes I'm sorry

And everything I said
Every word I spoke
You know I did it to impress you
The weakness we obscure to

The stain of blood red that you made
You never came back to la
You know I wanted to.
You know I wanted to

Even though you're trapped inside that room
Shades of crimson and that dark dark blue
I'll come to brighten
I'll come to brighten you

I never wanted to die
Just scrape the face you held at
You never should have cried
Then we might be somewhere better
Even though we dived
It just leaves some things better
Blue filled my eyes
No longer storms for weather

I say when I fall down
We'll sink straight through ground repeat

Yes I'm falling deeply in myself
I am your mind
Freed from these skies
This skin will protect from what I held
Take that first flight
Things will be fine

Every now and then I wonder if it's really me I'm after
I'll pretend to love you
Truth is I'll be loving myself

Even though this hurt I speak of
Is hidden underneath the break up
I'll pretend to hate you
The truth is I'll be hating myself

Every now and then I'll wonder if it's really them I'm after
I'll pretend to save them
The truth is that I'm saving myself.

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