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Reset Your Mind – Powerless lyrics

Still sitting in that doorway
Where you convinced me that
We'd find a way to work this
Out but it turns out that
You're just a little psycho
You have the notion that
Once I say yes to one thing
It's all you're gonna get

I cannot see right now
With your face in my way
You gave me your reasons why
Just back up off me.

It is time that I looked up
See this image
For what is was
For what it was

It is time that you closed off
Find your place right
Where you belong
Where you belong (without me)

I can tell you now
This is underground
Everything you break
Anything you break
Is permanent damage

When you're all alone
You feel so all alone
Don't you yell at me
Don't you yell at me
I feel no sympathy

Find me crying
Hell, you'll be lying
You have nothing
That I want from you

Can't you that I'm just
On a different playing field
It's nothing against you
Wait, it is, it's how I feel

If everyone can see me
Then they'll see how much we don't belong
If anyone can see me
Then you'll see how much you don't belong
If anyone can read me
Then they'll read how far that this has gone
If anyone can hear me
Then they'll hear how loud you have become

Hide and stay
And don't you move
An inch from that place

Try to find
A solid piece of evidence

That proves your point
Can't you see that I am tired

Of your lies
Where you belong.
Where you belong

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