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Red Helen – The Collapse lyrics

I stood and watched
As the world I knew fell into this collapse
I’ve witnessed the results of this
Cataclysmic war on life

We've ignored all the warning signs, covering our eyes
We set our world on fire and watched it burn
Red lights screaming critical mass
We stood and watched this world fall

We are poison unto ourselves
A vicious venom, a cancerous cell
Divided by our difference we conquer ourselves

There is strength in our diversity
There is power in our dissimilarity
United we could become more than we are

We hate each other for our differences
We despise one another for our similarities
But we’re so much more alike than we care to admit

I will be disassociated from everything that I once knew to be true
I will not limit myself to a misguided cultural view

We've held a finger on the pulse
While bleeding our world dry
We've stood and watched, committing mass suicide

Wonders & Miracles my children will never see
The worst part of it all is the blame rests on me

This global holocaust
This global genocide
What is your new alibi
New justification you have to hide behind

This global holocaust
This global genocide
When will we open our eyes
We are the catalysts of our own demise

The cracks in the floor will swallow you whole
You claim you want peace, but you’re hoping for war

I see a blaze on the mountains, an acidic uninhabitable sea
The wolves are out for blood, atonement for our idiocy

There is strength in our diversity
There is power in our dissimilarity
United, we could become more than we are

We are poison unto ourselves.

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