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Ramallah – Just Walk Away lyrics

I been hangin' on the corner, starin' at the night sky,
And ' the cars drive by.
The faces stare but they don't see me
As I think about the past and I wonder why?

Some of you were born into happiness and wealth
While some of us were born to a life of hell.
And some of us were lost and some of us were found
But most of us were beaten by life to the ground.

And I don't believe in your society.
While you partied and lived it up,
I've seen so many bleed.
I've seen so many bleed.

'Cause I was born into nothing to this world full of shit
And nothing's changing anytime soon...
So I would rather die than listen to you try to compare me and you. To compare me to you.

The sign in the road says we're going nowhere
But it's been twenty years since I cared.

I don't need nobody to save me.
So just walk away, oh yeah.
I know nobody can hear me.
There's nothing more I can say.

Have you ever prayed to the night sky?
Under one of them cold streetlights?
Watched another stolen car drive by?
Lost your hope and said "this is where I'll die"?...

And maybe I'm you enemy.
So don't turn your back on me.
Soulless hatred.
I can feel it killing me...

And I don't know what I've planned or what I mean to do about this world I see.
So many suffer silently but the beat just goes on endlessly.

I don't need nobody to save me.
So just walk away, oh yeah.
I know nobody can hear me.
There's nothing more I can say.
Someone's bleeding tonight...
I see another joker on the news telling me to play the fool.
Someone's bleeding tonight...
When all I ever wanted was a heart of gold to tell me the truth.
You can rip my heart tonight...
Just gimme some truth.
'Cause all I want is the truth.
All I want is, all I need is...

I need somebody to save me.
But you walk away, oh yeah.
I need somebody to hear me.
There's nothing more I can say...

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