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Queen Pen – Man Behind The Music lyrics

Step right up, step up, step up, (repeat)
1 - This is how it should be done
Cuz this style
Is identical to none
How can I make you dance some more (Tr)
That's what I came here for
This is how it should be done
(And now, here's the magnificent Funkey Mama)
Cuz this style
Is identical to none
How can I make you dance some more (Tr)
That's what I came here for
[Queen Pen]
Feel your blue flows like water
The man behind the music will make you jump
Ooo Jack you're swingin'
Make you shake your rump
No dick or fee tellin' me this is what you want
Baselines and snares that will make you funk
Intimidated by his 14 year old
At 97 he's a different kind of funk
We push together like a perfect hand and tongue
You pressed your luck and now your back to should be sunk
Be comming, free the future, with yo' face punked
Forgot about the past now what you want
Platinum tracks to put you on the map
Cuz we gotta keep it in the fam'
You had yo' chance to be down wit da man
So busy playa hatin', perpetuating, articulating
Balla's down four, you can't take me
What the deal ma
Funkey Mama plays the track so you could feel, huh?
I'll make a D, I'm all about the dolla' bills y'all
Rock the diamond Lex while I sit behind my desk
And sign the checks
If you like hits baby
Got 'em going crazy on Blackstreet
You know it's plaque time when me and the track meet
Save all yo whack beats, qp and tr so precise with mics
We should be surgeons in E. Are.
The block knows
Baby girl be my diamond cuz she rocks shows
See my one's ain't no way that you can

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