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Pungent Stench – Happy Re-Birthday lyrics

I can feel the abhorrence people show for me
Because I am an expectorating blasphemy
And I know that my look offends their staring eyes
So I run because they will treat me otherwise

Digging in the trashcan for my food all day
I don't give a fuck what all those people say
My parents have rejected me like a rat
That's the reason wherefore I hate mom and dad

Night has come, time is right for my disgusting plan
I climb to the window of my parents' sleeping room
With a chain I confine their bodies to the bed
I am sure this is the funniest night I ever had

For my dad I have an unbelievable surprise
I just stab mother's nail-file into daddy's eyes
Draw it out, tear his eyeballs out of their smashed holes
Digging with my fingers in his fester-squiring sores

Screaming he is lying in a pool of blood
But I'm only laughing while I start to cut
Well readable letters in his sweating skin
"Repudiating the own son is a sin"

A dream came true, too long I had to wait for my revenge
Out of fear he shits into his pants - Hell what a stench!
It is time telling daddy now the last goodbye
Then I ram the file into his heart, because he must die

Watch my mom - All I see is an infected slut
With my boots I fucking kick her motherfucking butt
Slowly I dissect her torso with my fingernails
Gluttonous I start to eat her flesh and her entrails

My head is in her abdominal gavity
I'm on my way to mother's cunt and suddenly
I reach the hole and my mother's uterus is torn
Then I hasty gasp for breath - I'm reborn!

Troublesome my body's creeping through the bleeding gash
Inside out my skin is covered with organic mash
What a treat, life goes on for me - Now I'm free
Killing is the only pleasure for a freak like me

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