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Prodigy Blacck – Concious lyrics

[Intro: Some ratings dude]

Prodigy Blacck, does not give a fuck about you!
Prodigy Blacck, does not care about you!
Now, he's rated are for Restricted violence!

[Verse 1: Prodigy Blacck]

I left the whole fucking word in shock..
When I got high..
And stuck a dog's nut's in someones mailbox..
(Ahh.. Ahhh!)
You think I play around everytime..?
Like your face..
Your whole lifes fucked up, you look like a mime..
Who the hell are you to call me restricted..?
All the time..
I can't go anywhere without being contradicted..
Or acused and verbally abused..
Felt used, with a corner filled to the brim of lipids..
You think that you're about to die?
(Oh, Ikechi care's soo much..)
Fuck no, I'll come to the hospital and disconnect ya lifeline..
Then you'll say..
(Oh my god he's rated are, look what's going threw his mind!)
You're like an Urban whore..
Only as worse as Mandy Moore..
You look like your nut's got stapled to a fucking door..
(.. Oh no help!)
Everyday and night I get fed up with shit..
Leave me alone, fucked up bitch..
You probably lied, all your life that you were sick..
Paid fucking critic's just to hide the facts..
And not even bluntly admit it..
I should turn psycho and murder your ass..
Put your body in a body bag..
You got yo ass molested, now you're a fag..
I'll put your ass up in a body cast..
Harassed with no pay to save your ass..
What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Always trying to be cool with Prodigy..
When you're like a faggot hanged over on a steeple..
I don't even know if I have problems..
Like stay bullet's..
You shoot it, then I'll probably end up dodging it..
Take the mic and replace it..
With your dick, now how you like that bitch?
Your face look's like an apes clitoris..
Only a funky looking nigga..
Who probably put's the C..
In hapatitus..
Now turn this fucker up to fourty..
I'm suffering..
Like that nigga with arthritis..

Fuck you all! Leave me the fuck alone!
It's my deadly consciousness!
I can't take a sip or take a fucking piss!
Without worrying, it's a counsious..
Lifes my only fucking bliss!

[Verse 2: Prodigy Blacck]

Sometimes I feel that living life's not worth it..
Even though your dreams..
Is to live life and have every single thing perfect..
But fuck that..
You're a fucking monkey, who's not worth shit..
I don't even give a fuck about you fags..
For all I care..
Murder yourself's the mail me your body bags..
Every fucking minute..
I can't take a breath just worrying about these critics..
Putting up my shit for sale..
When they don't even have the balls to admit it..
Or lift it..
Living their live's half whitted..
And it make's me fucking sick..
To look at you stupid dumbass bitches..
Throwing life away..
Death to the five zero, or with my A. K..
Either way, you're going to die..
Yeah bitch, there's no fucking escape..
Fed up with shit, like Kobe Bryant..
He's on trial every day just for his rape case..
I wish someone else could take my place..
But they can't..
They would fuck things up, and I end up being a nutcase..
Dangerous haze, with to place to castrate..
Fuck you to, I don't give a fuck..
How many times a week you fuckers masturbate..
Just like your personalities, I might come off fake..
And become a superhero and wear a black cape..
But I don't really care about the societys issues..
When you die..
No one will have fucking tissues..
To cry, and show there pain..
There wont be any..
And I'll be there to assure it "mayne"..

[Chrous x2]

Fuck you all! Leave me the fuck alone!
It's my deadly consciousness!
I can't take a sip or take a fucking piss!
Without worrying, it's a counsious..
Lifes my only fucking bliss!

[Ikechi Nnamani - Prodigy Blacck]

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