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Primitive Reason – Born From Fear lyrics

I think every man has the right to be left alone,
To live a life of peace and love between his own,
But then again, not a possibility.
With this society and all of it's hipocrisy.
You may call me a lowlife hippie bum,
Cause I will do what I want.
Peace, what unity?
Not many of you can see it like I see.

Wouldn't you like to be able to?
Wouldn't you like to have?
No! Can't you see? Your colour, it doesn't bother me.
No! Can't you see? Your way, it doesn't bother me.

Because racism is born from fear,
A man of a race, it's all in here.
Some people say that justice is blind,
Then racism is something that you shouldn't ever find.
One thing you all don't see,
You've gotta have attitude and fucking dignity
To keep a clear enough state of mind.
Attitude you learn, you cannot find.

No! Can't you see? Your colour, it doesn't bother me.
No! Can't you see? Your way, it doesn't bother me.

Bargaining, denial, anger, depression.
Four of the final stages before desintegration.
Optimism, pessimism, social realism.
Excess education banishes imagination!
No! No! No! No!

Not because they're from a place, or from a race
Should you discriminate their way,
Or can't you see that the choices that they make
Or the decisions that they take,
That that they're theirs,
That that they're theirs to face,
So how can you even judge, how can you even say,
Yours is superior to someone's other way?
And to what criteria do you judge their acts?
It is on fear and ignorance that you base your facts.
How many times have we said, how many must we say?
Your way or colour they don't bother me.
Because the choices that you make or the decisions that
You take,
Well then, they're yours, yes then, they're yours to
Fucking face.

No! No! No! No! No! No! No!... No!

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