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Pretty Willie – Can I lyrics

[Pretty Willie]
Aye whats up ma
Whats up baby
[Pretty Willie]
How was your day at work?
It was so terrible
[Pretty Willie]
Fa real, what happened at work ma?
My supervisor's a bitch
[Pretty Willie]
(laughs)Aye ma you know what Ima do
[Pretty Willie]
I wanna do something new tonight, you wanna do something new?
Like what?
[Pretty Willie]

We both know that we, been going through things and misery loves company you'll see
Had a long day at work ma, probly?, get cho feet up
Don't worry bout' nothing, I'm thinkin bout' searching all the places you need to know

I'll make you say ooh
I'll make you say aah
Tonight I wanna show you, how I wanna show you, tonight
I'll make you say ooh
I'll make you say aah
Relax ya mind and don't worry bout' tonight

[Verse 2:]
Kick off ya shoes and relax ya feet, forget the outside world when ya chillin' with me
Let me get in (get in), let me get in, get in
A massage, Jacausezi bubbly, and later on you'll see
I'm the only one you need no, no


[Verse 3:]
Now we've been touchin, lustin, ? Last all night long
You wondering, me to boo, just keep ya body goin strong
It was a dinner date, it got a little late
And I appreciate the dinner that you gave
You might as well stay here with me


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