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Pok̩Mon РI'm Giving Santa A Pikachu This Christmas lyrics

Every Christmas ol' Santa brings presents for me
He leaves plenty of packages under the tree
But this year I have a surprise for Saint Nick
And it's something that's going to give him a kick!

What is it Professor?
I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
Wow! Just like the one you gave t'me?

That's right!
I'll hide it in my stocking
And he'll find it rather shocking
Cuz giving gifts to Santa is quite a novelty

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
I bet he'll scratch his beard and say:
Now Christmas eve will be a breeze
As long as I have one of these
On foggy flights
Through winter nights
To light my way

It's thundershock will twirl a million candy canes
And power up a slew of new electric trains

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
'Cause Santa's got a lot of work to do
As the clock strikes every hour
He'll be using Pika power
T' bring Christmas toys
T' girls and boys
And grown ups too

With Pikachu his sleigh will fly so fast
About a thousand times as fast as Christmas past

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
It'll be the best friend Santa every had
He'll have fun with Pikachu
And Pikachu's gonna have fun too
Playing up in Santa's workshop
Say... That's not bad

It's chilly at the North Pole

So I'm told
But with so much warmth in both their hearts
They'll never feel the cold

I'm giving Santa a Pikachu this Christmas
It's just the perfect thing to do
And as his sleigh pulls out of sight
We'll hear him calling through the night

With a Ho-Ho-Ho and a "Merry Christmas"

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