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Pok̩Mon РHyaku-Go-Juuichi (One-Hundred-Fifty-One) lyrics

Nakama no kazu wa sorya yappari zettai gacchiri
(Really, when it comes to friends, absolutely )

Ooi hou ga ii!
(more would be best! )

Gutaitekini wa sorya hakkiri kikkari tappuri
(definitely, it's clear the most you could have is)

(one-hundred and fifty-one!)

Sukoshi yuuki ga arya bacchiri shikkari nikkori
(if you have a little courage, you can be certain)

Nakama wo getto!
(you'll get friends!)

Dakedo mo tamanya arya?
(but if you only occasionally do?)

Ukkari sukkari gakkuri
(you'll inadvertantly be completely heart broken)

Nakama ni"getto"!
(friends will run away!)

Kimi-tachi to no deai wa zenbu chanto oboete-ru
(I remember meeting you guys perfectly)

Kizutsuke atta koto mo atta kedo
(whatever feelings were hurt were hurt, but)

Sore wa (e~to) wasureta
(um, I forgot about that)

Madamada takusan
(there's still much, much more)

Kanarazu doko ka~ ni
(definitely out there somewhere )

Nakama wa iru hazu
(but my friends should be here)

Hyaku-gojuu-ichi no yorokobi
(one-hundred and fifty-one joys)

Hyaku-gojuu-ichi no yume
(one-hundred and fifty-one dreams)

Hyaku-gojuu-ichi no omoide
(one-hundred and fifty-one memories)

Mezashite~ ganbaro!
(let's keep aiming for that!)

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