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Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack – The Asymmetric Enemy lyrics

We are the asymmetric enemy
Guerillas on the outskirts of town

The painted artillery of day-to-day exchange
Their robopathic tactics contracted like the plague
But I'm safe here in my bunker
Worn out army manuals, old tai chi magazines
Troop movements scrawled on crumpled scrap of paper
Soggy cereal tactic sessions in prep for the new moon Tet

We don't like how we feel
We don't like it at all

Mutant militia: weirdo freaks and angry kids

A combat team is simple
It only takes a friend or two
A couple awkward alien life forms
With not much left to lose
Illness can be a weapon, a very useful venom
With baboon guts and circuitry, what have we left to use?

We don't like how we feel
We don't like it all

This is a call to all irregular units
Sleeper cells in all sections
To those of you who may still be alive
Waiting for a sign from below
The action code is rl4-7183
Copy to the mothership
If transmission has been received

We don't like how we feel
We have heard the call

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