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Phantom Of The Opera – No One Would Listen lyrics

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears.

Shamed into solitude
Shunned by the multitude
I learned to listen
In my dark, my heart heard music.

I longed to teach the world
Rise up and reach the world
No one would listen
I alone could hear the music

Then at last, a voice in the gloom
Seemed to cry "I hear you;
I hear your fears,
Your torment and your tears. "

She saw my loneliness
Shared in my emptiness
No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears

No one would listen
No one but her
Heard as the outcast hears...

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  • u
    Clearly it is about how no one but christine -- as near a kindred spirit as he would cross -- would 'listen'. She felt and heard his music, she understood the loneliness and the sadness in his eyes and soul. She latched onto him in her time of need and gave him something he needed: the closest thing to companionship -- besides nadir in the book -- he could hope for. Erik saw christine as his redemption and future if he were careful and made her fall in love with him. This song is about his past. His torn and tormented past that taught him never to love or be loved, never to seek company for he would be forever alone.
    I agree though. It should have been in the movie. It was beautiful and god only knows how many times I've listened to it in my itunes.
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  • s
    Stephany Leroux
    This is about how he hears music everywhere. And Christine can hear the music that he creates from this. No one else could hear his music because no one wanted to hear because of his deformity. It's like no one, but a select few could understand him or give him sympathy. Madam Gery and Meg sympathize with him, but they aren't Christine.
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