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Phantom Of The Opera – Magical Lasso lyrics


Group of Young Girls:

Nahh! Nahh! Arghh!
Like yellow parchment is his skin,
A great black hole serves as the nose that never grew,
You must be always on your guard,
Or he will catch you with his magical lasso!
(Wraps the lasso around a girl)

Young Girl:
Oh my...


(Madame Giry takes the lasso off the girl)

Madame Giry:
Those who speak of what they know,
Find too late that prudent silence is wise,
Joseph Buquet hold your tongue! (Slaps him)
(Ties the rope around Buquet's neck)
Keep your hand at the level of your eyes!
(Chokes him)

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    In the production when Buquet is warning the girls the phantom walks past with Christine and stops to listen to what he says about him and is clearly unhappy with what he hears also madam Giry see the phantom and is trying to warn Buquet that he shouldn't speak about the phantom because he doesn't know if the phantom is listening (which he was) and could lead him to regret speaking (as in this case Buquet gets killed by the same lasso he is warning about and thrown on to the stage during the ballet in act 3 of "Il Muto" (show that the opera house is putting on).
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