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Pg 99 – A Sonnet To Both Ugly And Murderous lyrics

No, I'm fine
I've lived all my life in vain. Ah!
I've live so far my life - I'm tired.
The only power carve a flank
Don't tell me I'm tempted.
Sign of steady
Don't! I'm tired!
Stop! Pulse of lightshades - I'm tired.
You'll find ways in your brain (tired).
Argh. You'll tell somebody what I am.
One fake beauty said "Sorry I'm like you".

Just to say I should whisper
How candid I will be.
And together, we'll lift up.
I'm learning to love and I'll lie.
I'm teaching some lesson life to me!
How else to cut the red thing out?
And let's cut the red out together,
Inside, I feel you....


I will fake it and fall - stand tall -
You're acting tired
Find your body lying down
I win, you can die!

Lay down, I broke your knees
Set aside our courtesies
Our eyes lay aside
It's why you gave up time
Though that time has broken me
Set sight that you might see
The insides of why
Of why you gave up time

And now you've f***ing broke me
And now you've f***ing broke me
And now you've f***ing broke me
The night owls keep on me.

Argh, I don't know
Broken knees
And here's a countdown inside
Fine you stole
Guide your eyes
Stand, he's waiting
Go and countdown.

Die (I) love just for her
I love just for her
I love just for her
I love just for her
I love just for her.

This heart is stitched around a lonely stake
And in the silence, I knew it was my wake.

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Submitted byLeanne Walsh


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