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Pep Love – A New Religion (Feat. The Grouch) lyrics

Feat. The Grouch
(Pep Love)
Uh huh
(It's like a new... Place in space)
It's like...
I stand amidst the pits and glitz of geometry
Symbolism livin within the rhythm on the streets
Jungles of concrete, where the people be walkin asleep
Consume, talkin to eat the fumes of Babylon
While I travel on to the land of Avalon
To learn what I haven't known
Apprenticeships from avatars
Avidly advocating the avant garde
I have been scarred, and had my memory jarred
To get me to remember who the fuck we are
Return from whence you came, yes the essence
The source, the energy, the bliss, the blessings
The mission, the message
The vision, the vestage
Of a new religion is etched in
The way that I get down
The way that this shit sound
As the world goes round and round
I expand and expound upon my earth-bound
Experience, when I looked in my book and found a poem
Now I'm knowin my forum of expression
To make an impression and keep growin
My intuition guided me
To a new religion inside of me
And you can hear it in my flow when I ride the beat
It's like that!
This music mission guided me
To a new religion inside of me
And you can hear it in my style cause I'm quite unique
[The Grouch]
My guiding light shone bright through the fight
Pulled me to the right and said stay here
You can rest and lay here
I'll be around down people
Have a little faith in yourselves, don't practice evil
My, church and steeples stand high behind my eyes
I'm housing a place to preach
With each thought, the devil dies
Wait there is no devil I'm a rebel
And this week's sermon comes from the book of treble
Let us listen, feel the prophet's missio

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