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Patti Rothberg – Treat Me Like Dirt lyrics

You stay away from me because you know I'm good for you
And you are masochistic too
And the reason I want you so much
Is 'cause I know you're no good for me
So together we are perfect, don't you see?

I'm the one you want and you're so close I try to flaunt it
But you pretend not to notice, yeah I know you're bein' bogus
When you flirt with other women and I know I could be swimmin' in your sea

I could be so jealous of someone like me
Someone has it all, yet they just don't see
I shut out acceptance so I won't get hurt
And move on to the next one, who will treat me like dirt!
Treat me like dirt X2

Standing at the threshold of another bad obsession
Yeah too bad it's with a person who could never treat me worse
Than how the way you treated me when I was staring at the backside of your neck

I was hopin' soon you'd turn around and look me over
Up & down, my heart was racin'
'Cause I know I couldn't face you after giving you my heart and soul
And giving you the body of my mind


If I had a dollar every minute every hour
That I spent obsessing madly how you treated me so badly
And how badly that I wanted you the night you left me outside in the cold
But the thing that really gets me is the way you walk right past me
Yes you're talking to some other and pretending she's your lover
Just to get me turning green inside, like being seen with me would be a crime


4: 30 in the morning, pickin' up the phone I'm yawnin'
Just awakened at that minute from a dream that had you in it
I can still hear your sweet talkin', but the next day you'd be walkin' out on me

Someday soon I know it, maybe in December snow
I'm gonna get you all alone and take you to a place I've shown
To no one else in this great world, yes the place that you will see me as your girl


Treat me like dirt

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