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Pageboy – Noises lyrics

Oh in this world of shelter
So many cannot bear
So cannot eat
So many have to live
So this noise this noise this noise is killing me
This noise is kilin my dream
That noise better get ridden

Am filled with joy everly livin happily, my name shall be mine I bet I have to leave cos' I know the world needs change over the years of sorrows, enemies follows, am tryin to dogde but I'm too late I have to go, some pains you can't survive, some illnes hate a drug, even a drop wil cos'alot fuck it's time to shut em up, I have suffered a lot but am still alive, so go tell them I mean alot, no noise

Oh in this world of shelter, so many gettin hurt so many have to go, so this noise this noise this noise this noise keep kilin me

Yo'I bet I have a chance to get this shit droped I may be a caveman but my talents wunt be hiden from the camera so stop hatin if you can beat me I got many haterz can't beat em 'imma be myself usin the laws of enemies ending imma go through when am stil strong got couple of rhyme coming from the studio gotta change to my style cos I aint an idiot am miserable like a golf man stable foggy doggy better be spouzy and get me fuck in...
I'm serious when I said the golf man was stupid he cannot play or be played when it's time to hate I remember when I use to have teas in the morning until my cavetality got streghtened am a killer seriously a dead man I woke up when it's day time cos I don't need no one I'm so talented and imma be so greatful to... damn this noise


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