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Of Graves And Gods – Heaven's Death lyrics

Pray for heaven's death when the comfort comes,
Pray for all the mourning left for times like this
Separate from us, they wait to be clean, separate from nothing,
The blood will cleanse you no longer, No longer will it cleanse you,
No more, my doves descend, Comfort is your only answer, failing life as well
Try to pass for the ones who, who are innocent, I've waited for the day (staring into this)
Staring into pools of shame, I've waited for your judgement
I've waited on dismay when all my prayers are answered, Comfort is destroyed
Pray for heaven's death when the comfort comes
Pray for all the mourning left for times like this, separate from us, they wait to be clean
Separate from no one, I wait for tonight as apologies die in the air, I sit & wait for something
I tear myself apart, only the willing will stand to watch their judgement, take myself from this
& as you ask me to cleanse you & the cuts are pouring, tear myself apart
Knowing this, knowing your faults, I'll kill myself, I'll kill myself & take all love from the world
Take it all away for nothing, take this precious heart still beating,
You walk me & I take your hand, the words spoken mean nothing to him
If these words are true, then God is lovely, he takes my hand, he takes my hand & rewards me
Rewards me with death
Reward me with death, as life changes, he takes my soul to cold reversals of lies,
As they carry me, as life changes, he takes his own life to watch us fall apart from loneliness
Reward me with death, I'll take my death today, I'll face my death today, I'll take death today
Violent changes, I'll take my death in taste, violent world, the search for nothing
I'll take my death today, I'll face my death today
Lost for now in only violent changes, the call for something real,
The pale horse draws now nearer to rein decadence, I stand for nothing anymore, but myself
Reward me with death (Reward me) tonight (some drifting)
Why this present of hatred to you is this

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